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Organized in 1998 by a group of fern enthusiasts (a.k.a. fern lovers, fernies, pteridologists), to cultivate, foster and promote interest in ferns and fern allies, the TGC Fern Society presents educational programs including “how to” sessions, presentations by local, national and internationally known fern experts, and field trips and tours-thus providing a forum for fern enthusiasts to visit, learn, share plants, ideas, information, and have a good time. A very informative monthly newsletter is published for members, and special events include presentations to other groups, fundraiser events, and a year end holiday season party.
Regular meetings are held at 2:00 P.M. on the third Sunday of each month at the Judson Robinson Jr. Community Center, 2020 Herman Drive, Houston, TX, 77004. Phone (713) 284-1994.
Meetings are also virtual via GotoMeeting



April 2024 Ferns and Lycophyts of Mindanao, Philippines presented by Adam Black

Contact President Darla Harris- for Zoom invite.

Regular Meetings are held at 2 PM on the third Sunday of the month at:
Judson Robinson Jr. Community Center
2020 Hermann Drive
Phone: 713-284-1994
Meetings are also virtual via GotoMeeting



January 2024 Growing Ferns from Spore - Part 1- Presented by Larry Rucker
Febuary 2024 Growing Ferns from Spore - Part 2- Presented by Larry Rucker
April 2024 Ferns and Lycophyts of Mindanao, Philippines presented by Adam Black


Potting Soil Recipe

Special project: Mounting a Nephrolepis pendula.
Members received four types of ferns to grow out from Casa Flora: Brilliance Autumn Fern, Parsley Fern, Marsh Fern, Japaneese Beech Fern and Champion Wood Fern.

Past club project: Mounting a Bird's nest fern
Photo of Monty and Donna
Houston Flower Show Photos (2007)
Houston Flower Show (2006)