April 2007 Monthly Meeting Project
Selaginella wall hanging

Our April 2007 meeting was another hands-on project. If you attended the Houston Flower and Plant Expo you probably saw Larry’s 'Gold Tips' Selaginella wall.


Here is the equipment you will need:

  • Gold Tips Selaginella (or similar)
  • An "undersink organizer" or other similar container gadget to hold the spagnum moss.
  • Some damp sphagnum moss.
  • Chicken wire, hardware cloth, or other similar mesh product to hold the moss in place. The sample shown here is coated with a green plastic material.
  • Multi-purpose ties.
  • Clippers - To trim chicken wire and ties.
  • Gloves - If you have any recent cuts on your hands, use gloves when handling spagnum moss.


    Place moss in basket.
    Place the vinyl coated chicken wire on top of the moss and secure to the basket using ties.
    Trim ties and edges of chicken wire.
    Cut a hole in the mesh for the fern.
    Remove some of the moss.
    Members Lee and Gordon.
    Place fern in hole.


    Copyright 2007 Texas Gulf Coast Fern Society. Photos Copyright 2007 Malcolm McCorquodale III.