Creating a basket

As shown by Bill Bartlett
Houston Orchid Society, Newcomer's Group


Here is the equipment you will need to build the 4x4x4 inch basket on the left:

  • Pliers
  • Snipers
  • Lobster trap wire 1x1 inch mesh (pvc coated, galvanized welded wire).
  • Four wire hanger

    When you are finished you will want to line your basket with either:

  • sphagnum moss
  • coconut fiber
  • some shade cloth cut to fit


    Bill showing the shape of the wire to work with.
    The wire is 16" x 4" and the piece that sticks out is 4" x 4".

    This will be bent to make the basket shown above.

    Cut every other wire.

    The remaining protruding wires will be bent
    to lock the basket in place.

    Bend the wire into a box shape.
    Bend the protruding wires to lock the basket in place.
    Add spagnum moss, coconut fiber or shade cloth to line the basket.
    Add the potting medium of your choice and a plant.
    Attach a four wire hanger to the basket to produce
    the finished box.


    Photos Copyright 2008 Malcolm McCorquodale III.